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Bullying is an issue that we take very seriously.  Our board policy defines bullying as an intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or series of acts directed at another student or group, which is severe, persistent or pervasive.

Behavior is clearly bullying when
  • there is intent to harm.
  • the perpetrator appears to find pleasure in taunting and continues even when the target's distress is obvious.
  • there is duration in which the taunting continues over a period of time and is not welcomed by the target.
Bullying of any type, including cyberbullying, is not permitted and students who violate this practice will be subject to any or all of the following:
  • Verbal warning
  • Counseling component
  • Parent involvement
  • School improvement
  • One or more days of suspension, alternative placement or expulsion.
  • Law enforcement or outside agencies involvement
Cyber Harassment of a Child
On July 10, 2015, Governor Wolf signed Act 26 of 2015 into law, resulting in the creation of a new crime: 

Cyber Harassment of a Child (18 PA.C.S. §2709 (a.1)). 
Cyber harassment of a child is committed when another person repeatedly contacts a child through electronic means (such as through text messages, instant messages or through social media services) with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm the child and makes seriously harmful comments about the child or threatens to harm the child. 

It is important for students and parents to realize that cyberbullying behaviors can now be criminally charged as a misdemeanor offense under this new law.

Parents should discuss household rules about online activity with their children, and remind them not to engage in mean, harmful messages about or to others.

Students should report bullying, harassment, hazing, or threats to a teacher, guidance counselor or building administrator.

More information on how to prevent bullying can be found at the national Stop Bullying website.

Additionally, Accredited Schools Online has recently released their Bullying Awareness Guidebook, which is available at the following link: