Facilities Use

Video tutorial to request Access:


Video tutorial to submit requests:


The district uses software for building usage for the staff, boosters, any sporting requests and all other public groups which would like to use our facilities. This software will help expedite the process of approvals or finding scheduling conflicts. The software will notify the requestors that the request has been received and also notify the requestor when the request has been approved.

All new users will have to setup an account for themselves and their organizations. You will first log in as a guest at the top right corner of the calendar to start the account setup. If you would have any questions or an issue with creating an account or submitting a request, there are instructions on the site for how to log in and make the request.These instructions are listed step by step under the document tab. If these instructions are not clear or there is a problem submitting a request, please click on the help tab for information to contact Linda Schierberl for assistance.

Any questions should be directed to Chandra Sheftic (Assistant to the Business Manager) at (814)226-6110 or csheftic@clarion-schools.com

Public Notice:

The Clarion Area Junior Senior High School Auditorium has been upgraded with new Hearing Assistance Devices from Listen Technologies. These devices and the broadcast system comply with FCC regulations and ADA requirements for the facility. The assistive devices are available at no additional cost to any person in attendance. Receivers and earpieces may be requested for events that are held in the auditorium.