Mrs. Davis

Hello and welcome to my home page! I teach 7-12th grade special education at CAHS. This year I will be teaching 11/12 Applied English, Applied Reading 8, Applied Reading 7, PA Careers, and Coreskills. As you can see, I will be very busy providing quality in person instruction and to your student. Most of my classes are on a rotating schedule so we will be doing the same types of activities weekly, but with different content. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I am big on communication and will try to get back promptly. My ext. at the school is x133. (P.S. - Email is preferred unless you have a pressing issue!) Thanks much!

Course Resources

Coreskills - PA Careers - PA Health - Applied English 11-12 - Applied Reading 7 - Applied Reading 8 - Planned Course Outlines