What You Need to Know about School Attendance

High School - Start Time - 8:00 am (Doors open at 7:30 am) End Time - 3:05 pm Click here for the daily period schedules

Elementary School - Start Time - 8:20 am (Doors open at 7:45 am) End Time - 2:37 pm

What if my child has been absent and is returning to school?

  • The State of Pennsylvania requires a handwritten signed excuse from the parent/guardian stating the dates and reason for the absence to be submitted within 3 days of their return to school.

      • Parents may utilize up to 10 parental excuses per school year without absences being considered unexcused. All additional excuses must be made by a physician to be deemed legal. Any absence beyond 10, that is not accompanied by a legal excuse will be classified as an illegal day.

  • Medical excuses are encouraged to be submitted if your child has been under the care of a medical professional.

  • If an excuse is not provided within 3 days of a child's return to school, the excuse will be marked as illegal/unexcused.

What if we plan a family vacation or trip?

  • The building principal must approve family educational trips in advance. A maximum of 5 days per year will be excused for family education trips for any one student. Appeals on administrative decision regarding this standard may be directed to the Superintendent. Family educational trips are considered parent excused day and will be subtracted from the 10 total given each school year.

What if my child is tardy?

  • A student is considered tardy if they arrive after 8:00 am at the High School and after 8:20 am at the Elementary School.

  • A parent/guardian note stating the reason for the tardiness is to be submitted when the child arrives at the school office. A tardy slip will be issued to the child to present to their teacher.

  • If the child has had a medical appointment, please obtain a note from the medical provider and it will be recorded as a medically excused tardy.

  • If an excuse is not provided, the tardy will be marked as unexcused.

  • High School: Please be aware the every 5 unexcused tardies will equate to one full day of unexcused absence.

The following attendance system will be used in the Elementary School:

    • Students will be marked tardy when arriving between 8:20 and 9:20.

    • Students will be marked as full day absent when arriving after 11:30.

What if I need my child to have an early dismissal?

  • All students requesting early dismissal must present a valid, written request from the parent/guardian to the attendance secretary the morning of the day of the dismissal. The note must contain the following:

      • Date

      • Reason for early dismissal

      • Time for dismissal

      • Name of child

      • Parent/Guardian signature

  • An early dismissal without a written request must be made in person by a parent or guardian. Verbal dismissals via telephone will not be accepted.

  • Students must sign in and out when leaving or returning to school during the regular school hours.

What if my child is absent or tardy and has an after-school event?

  • Students participating in co-curricular or extracurricular practices or events must be in attendance for the entire school day. Students arriving late or absent will not be permitted to participate in co-curricular activities that day unless due to one of the following:

      • Approved college visit

      • Doctor's appointment with a valid doctor's excuse

      • Approved school sponsored field trip

      • Approved religious activity

      • Court appearance

      • Death in the family

      • Any other absence approved by the principal

  • All absences to be considered for exception must be accompanied by documentation from the appropriate professional/institution indication participation, i.e., dr.'s note, note from college visited, subpoena, etc.

  • For further attendance /co-curricular information, please visit the Athletics Page

What if I have a question about my child's attendance?