Student Registration Procedures

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) wishing to enroll a student in Clarion Area School District must schedule an appointment to meet the the the school counselor/secretary to initiate enrollment procedures.

Make certain to have the following information for presentation:

    • Proof of residency in the form of:
      • Driver's license
      • Pay stub listing home address
      • Lease for residence in the district
      • Utility bill
    • Proof of child's age in the form of:
      • Birth certificate
      • Baptismal certificate
      • Passport
      • Prior school record
    • Immunization record
    • Parent Registration Statement (PA Code 13-1304-A)
    • Home Language Survey

During the appointment for enrollment, parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to complete and sign the following:

    • Release of records
    • Student registration form
    • Emergency health information
    • School health records information
    • Free and reduced lunch form

Parents(s)/Guardian(s) wishing to enroll their student in the Clarion Area School District must hold their primary/permanent residence within the district. Those who do not live within the district boundaries but wish to attend may do so by paying the annual tuition rate for the district as set by the School Board of Directors. Tuition rates may be provided by the business per parent/guardian request.