Elementary Yearbook

Lifetouch creates our yearbook. They automatically load your child's school portrait onto the yearbook site. All yearbooks are soft covers and are $11.00. Cash or checks can be made payable to Lifetouch. Please be on the lookout for order forms to come home! If you have any questions regarding the elementary yearbook, you may contact Mrs. Toth at

Order online at

High School Yearbook

Don't forget to purchase your yearbook!

Click the banner below to order directly from Walsworth OR see Mrs. Shoemaker in Room 138 to get an order form!

Submit Photos that you want to be in the yearbook at

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*Orders received after October 31st will be subject to the regular price of $55.

Order online at or in Room 138 (Mrs. Shoe’s classroom)


Senior Portrait Specifications for the Yearbook…

Senior pictures* and 1 baby/childhood picture are due by January 18, 2019. Please use the following guidelines in submitting your photos.

  • Senior photos should focus on YOU; please provide a close up, individual photo
  • *Requesting head/shoulder photos, non-distracting backgrounds, and VERTICAL.
  • Please do not scan your senior photo. We can do that for you.
  • Submit your digital images ( .jpeg, .png, or .tiff -at least 300 dpi) by using one of the following methods
    1. BEST method: email to Mrs. Shoemaker (a confirmation email will be sent) Your photographer can do this!
    2. Provide image on a flash drive or memory card and give directly to Mrs. Shoemaker in room 138
  1. All paper images must be submitted in an envelope with name on envelope AND on a sticky note on the back of the paper image

*Any photo submitted that does not meet specifications will be returned to student for a different photo OR the photo will be cropped.

All seniors were to be photographed be the school photographer on picture day for school records. Seniors are not charged for this photo unless they order a portrait package.

NOTE: If your photo has not been submitted by January 18, 2019 OR if you do not plan to have senior portraits taken, the school photo taken on picture day will be used.

This information is posted on the district website

Photos will be accepted from the beginning of the school year until January 18, 2019.

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Shoemaker via email or by calling the high school office 814-226-8112.