6th Grade

6th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Bish - Math 6 & Social Studies 6

Mr. Brinkley - STEAM 6

Mrs. Campbell - Social Emotional Learning

Mrs. Cathcart - Middle Schoology

Miss Dawson - Band 

Mrs. Lees - Art 6

Mrs. Magagnotti - Physical Education

Miss Matson - Choir & Music 6

Mr. Quinn - English 6

Mrs. Toth - Science 6 &  Social Studies 6

6th Grade Info

Incoming 6th graders will have an orientation that familiarizes the students with the building and expectations at the Middle School. Students will receive their schedules for the first day of class in early August. Students will be able to find their schedules and locker numbers on CSIU. 

Being organized and responsible will be two of the most important things you can do to be a successful 6th grader.  Here are some of the supplies your teachers would like you to have for class:

English 6, Math 6, Science 6, & Social Studies 6:  several #2 pencils, 1 box of markers, 1 dry erase marker, 1 pair of scissors, 5 Binder pocket folders (with binder holes already punched)

Physical Education: Daily for the year bring a T-shirt, shorts, gym shoes and deodorant

Art 6: Sketchbook (unlined drawing paper)

Choir: pencil

When looking for a binder to purchase, please keep in mind that the lockers at the High School are not very deep.  If you get an oversized binder or trapper keeper you will not be able to close your locker.  You will also be required to have a lock on your locker.  The school will provide you with one, or you can bring in your own.

For EVERY class, EVERY day, you will need a pencil and eraser.  They will not be provided like they are in Elementary, so keeping a few extras in your locker is a smart idea.  You may also want to purchase book covers to help protect your textbooks.  Another great idea is buying an assignment book.  It is easy to carry from class to class.  You can record all your homework and due dates in it and it will help you stay on top of everything.

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