5th Grade

D-7 Special Schedule

Day 1: Music

Day 2: STEAM

Day 3: Art

Day 4: Gym

Day 5: Library

D-5 Special Schedule

Day 1: Art

Day 2: Gym

Day 3: Library

Day 4: Music

Day 5: STEAM

D-4 Special Schedule

Day 1: STEAM

Day 2: Art

Day 3: Gym

Day 4: Library

Day 5: Music

5th Grade Website: https://aoneil10.weebly.com/

5th Grade Daily Schedule

8:25-9:05 - Special

9:10-10:20 - Rotation 1

10:25–10:55 - MTSS

11:00–12:10 - Rotation 2

12:15-12:25 - Agenda/RR/Wash Hands

12:25–12:55 - LUNCH

1:00-1:20 - RECESS

1:25-2:34 - Rotation 3

2:34 - Warning Bell

2:37 - Bus Riders Dismissal

2:39 - Pick–Ups go to the Gym, Walkers to the Library

2:50 - Walkers, Pick-ups Dismissal

What do students need for 5th Grade?


Water bottles

Composition Notebook

Rectangular plastic pencil boxes

Durable homework folders

Wish List for the Classroom

Glue Sticks

Hand Sanitizer

Facial Tissues

5th Grade Information

  • Spelling tests are given every Day 5. Students will get their new spelling lists on Day 5. This will allow them an entire week or more, to study for the next test.

  • Reading tests are typically given on Day 4 and Day 5. The tests consist of two cold reads and then students are to use their application skills to answer the questions following the reading passages. Students will complete weekly literacy boards as well in their notebooks to reinforce their reading skills.

  • Language Arts will consist of a grammar quiz periodically to test the concept that corresponds with the unit reading story. There are also weekly writing experiences for the students, ranging from narratives, free writes, short stories, essays, debates, interviews, poems, and journal entries.

  • In math class, there is always a mid-chapter review and practice test given prior to the chapter test.

  • Health will consist of body systems(light and sound).

  • Science will consist of many hands-on classroom experiences and interactive labs.

  • Social studies will explore the regions of the United States and the three branches of government. Students will be responsible for a quarterly current event to share with the class.